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Ranexa 375mg is a highly prescribed medication for treating chronic chest pain, also known as angina pectoris.

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10 reviews for Ranexa 375mg

  1. Patricia

    My sister was suffering from chest pains with palpitations, but with the help of Ranexa, it has completely gone. She is very happy with its result, and our whole family wants to say Thanks to Ranexa.

  2. Jennifer

    I suffered for six years with chest pain and tried to avoid surgery because of my fears of operation. My pharmacist prescribed Ranexa. Within a few days, I started feeling well. Ranexa came into my life as a blessing. I can’t explain my happiness in some words. I would like to recommend it to others.

  3. Linda

    I was prescribed Ranexa by my physical for some significant chest pain. I took three doses of Ranexa as prescribed by them. I experienced a positive impact on my body, and now I am better than before just because of Ranexa’s effect.

  4. Elizabeth

    I have been using Ranexa for more than four years as prescribed by my cardiologist. It gave me an almost painless life from angina. Now I can walk several kilometers without any problem. I would love to give 10/10 to this drug.

  5. Barbara

    Impressive reduction in indigestion, chest pain, and tightness. If you have any of these symptoms, you can go with Ranexa without any doubt. It’s effective and works so nicely.

  6. Susan

    Ranexa is not just medicine for me; it gave me new life. I have taken it because I am a patient with Angina pectoris. It helped me a lot to reduce my chest pain and still to help me.

  7. Jessica

    My 68 years grandfather took Ranexa after heart surgery. Now he is fine, and his pain is getting better day by day. We are pleased to see his recovery.

  8. Karen

    I have had a fantastic response from this medicine for the past year. It’s really worthy and beneficial for me.

  9. Lisa

    Great medicine for those who have angina or heart pain. If you start it with a lower dose, it will be more effective and work better.

  10. Nancy

    My grandmother suggested Ranexa because she used to take this medicine for her chest pain problem and found it effective. Now she is no more, but it seems her blessings are still with me in the form of Ranexa.

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